About the Walkaloosa Registry

Although the Walkaloosa Registry is fairly new, the Walkaloosa horse has been around for centuries. 

Appaloosa breeders claim to have the oldest recognizable breed known to man, a claim which is backed by drawings of spotted horses in the pre-historic ice caves of France. Paso Fino breeders consider their breed to be the oldest breed in the Western Hemisphere; the ancestors of the Paso Fino came to the New World with Columbus on his second voyage from Spain. The Paso Fino horses were the preferred mounts of the Conquistadors; Paso Fino literally translated is “smooth gait” and some of those horses also carried the spotted coat patterns of what is known as the Appaloosa today.

As horses made their way north, the Nez Perce Indians eventually claimed them and wisely preserved their color and smooth gait through selective breeding. They were very proud of their spotted horses and well pleased with how these versatile horses could move their households quickly without undue jarring of belongings or rider.

These horses eventually became the horse of the rancher, who appreciated the unique gait, calling it the Indian Shuffle. Cowboys were said to be willing to pay up to $50.00 more for a “Shuffler” because the easy gait saved wear and tear on the cowboy and his gear, as it had for the Spaniards and the Indians before him.

With the large percentage of Quarter Horse, Arabian, and Thoroughbred in today’s Appaloosas, many breeders today have never even heard of a “Shuffler”. The Walkaloosa Horse Association was founded in 1983 to preserve the history and pedigrees of these fantastic pleasure, work, and performance horses.

To be eligible for Walkaloosa Registration, your horse must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be the progeny of a registered Walkaloosa stallion and a registered Walkaloosa mare, OR, be a horse of verifiable Appaloosa and gaited horse blood. 

  • Be a horse showing Appaloosa coloring

  • Demonstrate the ability to perform an intermediate gait other than the trot (such as rack, foxtrot, running walk, singlefoot, pace, etc.). The gait must be certified by a veterinarian or professional trainer on the application form, or you may send us a video of your horse gaiting.

Horses that do not show Appaloosa color characteristics in pictures taken from at least ten (10) feet, or that do not gait, are eligible for “ID” registration, (identification breeding purposes) papers only.


We invite you to learn more about the unique and wonderful Walkaloosa Horse.