The Distinguishing Features of Walkaloosa Horses

Walkaloosa Horse Characteristics


    Walkaloosa horses come in many shapes and sizes. The smooth natural gaits and colorful coat patterns make this wonderful animal unique.

  • HEAD

    Eyes ringed with white sclera, large and kind, widely spaced. Profile may be straight or slightly dished. A coarse head or Roman nose is not desirable. Muzzle should be clean and fine. Skin may have mottling around eyes and/or lips.

  • NECK

    Well set on the shoulders, medium to long in length. Throatlatch well defined; neck may be slightly arched.


    Sloping shoulders, good depth through the heart girth, moderately wide chest, well muscled, but not muscle bound. Withers should be well defined, but not pronounced.

  • BACK

    Relatively short and strong.


    Slightly sloping. Tail well set and carried gracefully. Hip long and reaching.

  • LEGS

    Straight, clean, and flat boned. Extreme fineness of bone is not desirable. Hooves striped, able to carry the horse’s weight.

  • SIZE

    13 to 17 hands. 14.2 to 15.3 hands being most typical. Weight 600 to 1,300 pounds. May be of a stout or a refined build.


    Coloring typical of that found in the Appaloosa. Patterns including, but not limited to Leopard, Blanketed, Roan, and Snowflake.


    Gentle, kind, and willing. Suitable for amateurs.

  • USES

    Outstanding pleasure and trail mounts. Used for field trials, pleasure riding, range work, cattle work, and the show ring.