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For Sale: Three Yearling Gaited Horses

Horse for sale



I need to sell three yearling gaited horses.  The first two are still stallions until cool weather, and display a fox trot and a running walk gait (no pace.)

Buckshot Gates (WHA 1113) is a Walkaloosa grey roan stallion prospect; he looks like the horse in “Rio Bravo.” Buckshot has a blanket from his withers to his hocks, $2500.

War Paint Gates (WHA 1112) is a Walkaloosa leopard with palomino spots all over, $1500


Horse for sale

The third is a registered black/white Tobiano TWH gelding. He shows a tremendous, head shaking gait and has a thick mane and tail, $1500

I also have a nice 4 year old MFT mare; trained for trail riding, but would make a decent show horse. She is sorrel w/ flax mane and tail, Super Sunrise and Southern Dakota breeding, $3000.

Might trade all or part for something that doesn’t eat.


Rick Gates 918-625-2565.




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